Monday, March 28, 2005

Programare web si Python

Foarte interesant postul lui Ian Bicking: Why Web Programming Matters Most.

But then I'm a web programmer because I think it's the most important and empowering development environment of our time -- it has been for at least the last five years, and I'd be surprised if that didn't stay true for at least the next five years.

And Python could have been PHP. We could have seen that kind of growth. But we didn't, because there has been and continues to be a bunch of little things that make Python annoying to use and get started with for web programming. But it's not all over -- PHP 5 is barely catching up to Python's features from 10 years ago. There's a lot of room for a better language to take its place.

Stiu ca "web-ul nu e totul", dar la ora actuala reprezinta entry point-ul pentru din in ce mai multa lume care se apuca "sa scrie cod" pentru prima oara. Si sunt sigur ca daca s-ar apuca sa scrie primele trei pagini dinamice in Python si nu in PHP, cu timpul si pe masura ce evolueaza le va fi din in ce mai greu sa nu foloseasca Python chiar si pentru programele ce nu au legatura cu web-ul.


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